Hello world!

Well I  am going to give this a try, again  and see if I can get it to stick.

 About a year ago I lost close to 60 lbs.  That is a lot for me.  I am only about 5′ 7″ .  But let me back up.


How it started.

So after my yearly Physical in 2016 my doctor tells me I am almost Type 2 diabetic.  I am 80 pounds over weight (245 lb’s), I have this unsatiated hunger that makes me basically eat from sun up to sun down. So I decided to start looking into why am I always hungry and never full, getting fatter and more run down then I have ever felt in my entire life.

The answer I believe was I had become Insulin Resistant. When I was searching around the Internet I came across a doctor that was treating this issue with diet changes, his name was Dr. Jason Fung.   I watched one of his youtube videos and it made total sense as to what had happened to me over the last 20 years or so. So I set out on the trail of intermittent fasting.

So I started with a schedule and eating low carbohydrate just like the video showed.  I pretty much started doing the Atkins Diet. After a while I found that Dr. Jason Fung had a book called The Complete Guide To Fasting that he had co wrote with another author Jimmy Moore. Well I bought that book and started reading it but after getting into it a little bit and still doing some research on the internet I found that I was missing a step Nutritional Ketosis!

Nutritional Ketosis was what I felt I needed to do. This makes fasting so much easier. So as time went on I was still working on my intermittent fasting but I went and bought Jimmy Moores book Keto Clarity. After reading this book I started eating a little different from the Atkins Diet and the fasting became natural and almost easy. Jimmy Moore has a ton of information and books on the Internet and from what I have found is pretty much the go to source for information on this subject.


Well fast forward 6 month were around mid July 2017 and My Son is born.  The wife an I are in the hospital and I back slid.  I was lazy and splurged for a few days.  Well that was just the beginning.  I have back slid ever since going back to all my old eating habits and the non stop hunger has totally returned along with 45 lb’s.


So as of Today…

I feel like crap and had to start taking my blood pressure meds again because my BP was giving me head aches.  I miss how I felt 6 months ago.  I felt like I was in my 20’s again.  So… Not as a new years resolution but a commitment to myself is that I want to try and blog every day as I try to claw my way back to were I was and finish what I started a year ago and get to my idea of my ideal body.   Another thing I feel ashamed of is the fact that I inspired a lot of people along the way this year and now I feel like I let them all down.  I don’t want to just talk the talk I want to walk it.


So I am going to try and post my glucose levels, food diary, and anything else I can think of that would help anyone else  everyday.  I will try to explain what I was feeling all day, and any other relevant information.  Hopefully someone finds this informative and maybe inspirational.



So as of today I am 230 Lbs And here we go.


Happy New Year Evey One and Good Luck!




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